The History of Huntingdon

Historical notes about the town of Huntingdon in Cambridgehsire


Early Huntingdon

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Hinchingbrooke House and The Cromwell's

The change which has been witnessed by this property on both the local and national scale almost defies the written text.

Once the home of at least four generations of Cromwell, right up to the Lord Protector himself - Oliver Cromwell, and then the Montague's, Earls of Sandwich, including the one who invented the "sandwich", they resided at Hinchingbrooke right up to the 1960's.

The house is now part of Hinchingbrooke School, whilst the grounds contain everything from an Arts and Theatre Complex, a Country Park, Hinchingbrooke Hospital and the Regional Police Headquarters.

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Want more?

For the interested or just curious, there are a number of books available which go into the History of Huntingdon in much more detail. Many of these books are obtainable from the Cromwell Museum.....