A regular activity in Huntingdon on a Wednesday

Acorn Meeting @ Bradbury House

Acorn Meeting @ Bradbury House at Bradbury House is a recurring local activity.


organised by

St Ives Acorn Cancer Support Group


being held at

Bradbury House


This activity starts at 11.00 and is scheduled to end around 13.00


This is a specialist designed building for MS sufferers but is very suitable for other groups like Acorn. The Acorn Huntingdon group meets on the 2nd Wednesday every month - between 11 am and 1pm. The venue offers good parking, disabled access, a comfortable lounge and four therapy treatment rooms. Typical attendance at meetings is 40-50 , including volunteer support team and Macmillan nurse.


Acorn Meeting @ Bradbury House is held second Wednesday at Bradbury House and runs continuously through the year

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