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A brief description about Darjeeling Indian Restaurant

A Taste of India

The Darjeeling, a 80 seat restaurant in the High Street, opened in 2003.


Since that time under the ownership of the Ahmed brothers and the management of Abdus Subhan Raj, it has built-up an enviable reputation for both excellent food and service. Abdus is ably assisted by Raj the Head Waiter now well known to regular clients.

The Darjeeling menu reflects the fact that over the centuries, new religious, new ingredients and new ideas have resulted in a cuisine as varied as the Indian Sub-Continent itself. The menu also promotes Bangladeshi and Indian regional dishes including "Indian Home Cooking Specilaities".

In short, The Darjeeling prides itslef on offering the finest culinary traditions of both India and Bangladesh. They also offer a range of "House Specialities" which bring regular diners back time after time.

The Darjeeling is a member of the "British Curry Club".

The Darjeeling also caters for Weddings, Anniversaries and other special occasions -outside of normal opening times - if required.

The restaurant also offers, Special Set Meals" - from £20.95p for Two and from
£44-95p for Four.

The Darjeeling operates a "Take Away Service" with a £2 Delivery Charge wihtin a 5 mile radius on orders over £15, with an extra delievr charge of £2.50 for orders below £15.

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Darjeeling Indian Restaurant


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