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A brief description about Commemoration Hall Board of Trustees

To provide a vibrant and sustanable community hall supported by the local community in recognition of its value as a community asset which contributes to the wellbeing of all its users.


We are a community building in the centre of Huntingdon High Street. We hire the hall facilities out including main hall (with stage) conference room and foyer (with kitchen). We cater for all types of events and occasions including weddings, birthday parties, conferences and fitness classes.

Many shows are performed here from music events to drama performances and pantomimes using our large stage with sound and lighting equipment.

Please have a look at the various events coming up, here on our listing or under ' what's on'.

The last election took place at the AGM held on Thursday 24th Octoberber 2013. See MINUTES here:
The next AGM will be held on Tuesday 29th July 2014

Information about our trustees;

Ann Beevor. Elected by the Council. Ann is an active member of PATCH (Performing Arts at The Commemoration Hall). Which raises funds for the Commemoration Hall. by running a bar and raffles during shows, she is also an active member of many local charities in town, some of which use the hall i.e. the Huntingdon and Godmanchester Twinning association, U3A, Huntingdonshire volunteer Centre, Huntingdonshire Holidays and Huntingdonshire Community group. A Governor at Hartford junior school. Her aim is to see the hall used for the benefit of the community.

Alan Cole Was elected by the council.

Chris Doyle. Chris has served as a Trustee since 2007, as a Town Councillor prior to May 2011 and as a co-opted member since then. A former Town Mayor, Chris has been resident in Huntingdon since 1991 and is self employed, running his own heating and plumbing business.

Mike Gledhill. Elected at the AGM. Secretary and a Trustee to Huntingdon Youth Theatre (HYT) and a user of the Hall every Tuesday with HYT. Mike wants the Hall to thrive and be a meeting place recognised by the Town and local inhabitants. Members of HYT manage to provide at least three shows every year, running usually for at least three nights.

Stuart Hassell. Was elected by the council. Stuart has lived in Huntingdon since 1971. He owns a local courier company and as a newly elected councillor he is very keen to be involved in and work hard to benefit the local community.

Bill Hensley. Elected at the AGM. Bill has lived in the Huntingdon area since 1974. His community and voluntary work started on Hinchingbrooke Hospital radio station as a presenter and Chairman in 1986. The driving force behind Huntingdon Community Radio, Bill has helped the station secure a licence to broadcast to Huntingdon and surrounded villages on 104FM. A former County Councillor and Parish Councillor for Warboys. Bill is also Chairman for the Sea Cadets. Bill is also a Town Councillor for Huntingdon Town Council.

David King. Elected at the AGM. An active member of hall user groups the Huntingdon & District Caledonian Society and Huntingdon & Godmanchester Twinning Association. As a strong supporter of the Commemoration Hall and involved in several community groups within the town is keen to ensure that the facilities of the Hall are enhanced and maintained for the benefit of all.

John Morgan. Elected at the AGM (Chairman of the Trustees). An active Member of Huntingdon Drama Club, with over 20 years' experience of presenting or performing in plays at the Commemoration Hall and has a strong interest in sound and lighting.

Mel Pugsley. Co-opted by trustees in February 2011. Mel has lived in Huntingdon since 1971. He has been involved in many drama and musical performances in the area, many have used the hall for their performances which has given him a good knowledge of its capability. He became a trustee recently as he believes the hall has a great future.

Kevin Sumner. Elected as Town councillor for Huntingdon East. He has a long experience of community and inner city based projects including managing a relapse prevention centre, working with young offenders and supervising independent living schemes for young people with disabilities. A qualified counsellor and lecturer in Philosophy, Politics and Psychology at Huntingdonshire Regional College, he has a particular interest in community arts projects.

Dominic Whitehead. Elected at AGM. Chairman of Huntingdon Youth Theatre since 1996, Dominic wishes to see the voice of the youth of this town is listened to and where possible, acted upon.

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Facilities managed by Commemoration Hall Board of Trustees in Huntingdon

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  Facility Type Location Address
Visit us at Foyer @ Commemoration Hall icon Parish and Community Halls Foyer @ Commemoration Hall Commemoration Hall, 39 High Street, Huntingdon, PE29 3AQ
Visit us at Main Hall @ Commemoration Hall icon Parish and Community Halls Main Hall @ Commemoration Hall Commemoration Hall, 39 High Street, Huntingdon, PE29 3AQ
Visit us at Minerva Room @ Commemoration Hall icon Parish and Community Halls Minerva Room @ Commemoration Hall Commemoration Hall, 39 High Street, Huntingdon, PE29 3AQ

Regular Events, Meetings and Activities at Commemoration Hall Board of Trustees

Activity/Meeting Name Frequency From To


Tai Chi Every Monday 10.00 12.00


Venue: Main Hall @ Commemoration Hall

Tai Chi FREE to members. For information on becoming a member please contact Andy on 01480 830435 


Occurrence: Runs continuously


Indoor Market Every Friday 09.00 15.00


Venue: Main Hall @ Commemoration Hall


Occurrence: Runs continuously


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Wedding Fayre

Wedding Fayre


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